Senior Systems Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Tech Ops


Huddle's Tech Ops team manages our SaaS production systems globally, ensuring that the service is highly available, performant, and totally secure. It provides business-critical infrastructure for our dev teams to support the build/release/deploy pipeline, and all production releases.

As a Senior Systems Engineer joining the team, you will design and implement improvements to our production platform for improved reliability, greater capacity, and higher performance, using a mix of Windows and Linux skills in a variety of hosting environments from dedicated servers through to Cloud-hosted IaaS. You will work closely with Architecture, Development and QA to enable the smooth delivery of releases, and assist Developers in managing and monitoring their own components. You will support our Agile development cycle by providing internal dev/test rigs, build and deploy services on TeamCity and Octopus, and the supporting services such as GitHub, JIRA and Confluence.

Here’s how you will contribute:


Skills and experience that will help:


Huddlers get a buzz from problem solving, eating doughnuts and building great software. We have a jukebox playing in the background, gather around colourful stand up boards and live by the “individuals and interactions over processes and tools” mantra of the agile manifesto.

Speaking of Agile, we do Agile software development the right way. We’re recognised experts on the topic, speak at conferences and regularly invite big companies to come and learn how we do things.

Our annual Hackathon, 20% time and labs experiments are a few ways we tinker, fail fast and learn.

There’s movie club, cheese club, burger club, regular release drinks, team lunches, breakfast on Mondays, lunch on Wednesdays and beer o’clock on Fridays. There are foodies, sports enthusiasts, video and board gamers, boulderers and pub goers. Our team is from all over the world and we would love for you to join us too!

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