Technology Stack

Huddle’s Server Side technology stack is .NET with SQL Server. We rely heavily on OSS libraries, particularly NHibernate and OpenRasta for our REST APIs. Our Server Side programming language is C# with increasing adoption of F#. Tools include Visual Studio, Resharper, NCrunch, DotTrace and MSpec. Our CI process uses Octopus Deploy and Team City. Huddle’s Client Side technology stack is native on mobile (Objective-C on iOS and Java on Android) and we build SPA applications to talk to our REST API in JavaScript using a combination of OSS libraries including JQuery and Knockout. Sass is our language of choice for styling our Web applications, with compressive visual and functional UI testing with PhantomJS.


At Huddle we create awesome experiences in collaboration for teams and workers around the world. Our platform is used by small teams, medium-sized companies and huge teams; it’s trusted by government organisations for whom security is a huge concern, cost-aware charities and innovative startups.

The Product Engineering team is made up of Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Application Architects, Systems Engineers, Data Engineers, Development Managers, UX Designers, Product Management, Project Managers and of course, our Engineering Director and our CTO. The whole team is based in London and has grown really fast attracting some amazing talent in the last few years....and we're still expanding in 2014. It's an Agile development team, and includes a number of key members of the London .Net User Group and regular presenters on the conference circuit. Our senior members of the team say that Huddle’s Engineering team is one of the most talented and creative they've ever worked with.

Blogs and Projects
We’re more than just numbers, though. At, you’ll see blog posts from many members of the team, and hopefully our personalities will shine through, and go to to see some of the open source projects the team is working on.
20% Time
At Huddle we believe in hiring the best engineers and giving them autonomy to innovate. 20% of your time will be free to work on side projects of your choosing that benefit Huddle or the wider technical community in some way. That might be prototyping a new feature for the product, working on an open source project, giving a talk at a conference or sharpening your programming skills by learning a new language or piece of technology.